Voices of Hope

Annual Volunteer Recognition Event

On Tuesday, March 1st 2022, we celebrated our advocates at our annual dinner under the stars and among the animals at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Judge Mary Dolas gave the Oath of Office and welcomed 24 new advocates who are now officers of the court to amplify the voices of children in foster care.

California CASA Board of Director and CEO of the Fresno Housing Authorities, Tyrone Roderick Williams, gave a very moving speech as he stood in the shadows near the podium. As he moved into the lights, he thanked our 200+ advocates for helping local youth be heard and seen in the dependency courts. He shared the gratitude of the community for the time they’ve taken to meet with social workers, attorneys, and teachers, and for letting our youth know that there is at least one constant adult, their CASA, who will advocate for them and give them HOPE.

The evening ended with a standing ovation for the CASA staff who was a bit overwhelmed with the show of gratitude. Each employee is incredibly dedicated to the mission of CASA and know that they are each a valued for their unique role. We are here for each of our advocates because we are here to help give …hope.